Nerve Growth Factor

Nerve Growth Factor is a fairly old discovery, tracing back 50 years ago. It is a protein which has some significant effect on the nervous system of an individual. It is considered to be an important component for the survival of specific nerve cells, allowing them to function perfectly and ultimately contributing to full body health.

Why is nerve growth factor so important?

The main concern of these proteins is the nerves that deal primarily with temperature, pain and sensory perception. Problems like tingling sensation, pain and “pins and needles” are often sign of a damaged nerve – hence the need for healing. Once taken in the body, the component helps with developing the damaged nerve, allowing it to function properly again and get rid of the symptoms.

Where does Nerve Growth Factor come from?

The protein naturally occurs through the NGF gene. Everybody has this gene in their body which means everyone is capable of healing damaged nerves. In some cases however, the amount of protein produced by the gene is not enough. Should this be the case, individuals might need to take supplements that will trigger further production. Once done, the positive effects of the component will once again be obvious as the symptoms start to subside.

How to solve nerve damage problems?

Individuals experiencing slight problems with their sensory perception are advised to start addressing the problem as soon as they can. There are currently several known methods to help speed up nerve repair such as eating the right foods and overloading on specific vitamins including vitamins E and B. A healthier lifestyle involving controlled exercises has also been proven to work.

In order to cope with the pain during healing, some people also take antidepressants or pain pills. Although these are effective, it’s usually best to take them under the supervision of a physician. If all else fails, nerve damage can be addressed directly through surgery. This is a last resort however considering the delicate procedure necessary. Controlling health conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure is also necessary as they can worsen the damage.

Of course, those aren’t the only ways to solve nerve damage problems. The internet today also offers several products that cater to nerve damage. These products work by stimulating the NGF gene directly so that it can produce more pep-tides to speed up the healing process. When taking nerve growth factor supplements or any kind of product for that matter, it’s best to ask your doctor first before going through with it.

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  1. Ardoth McCumber says:

    I have been taking Niagen for a couple of months. My hair is darker and my finger nails are now nearly with out defects and are stronger.

    Two problems remained. My walk was unsteady and I pooped my pants. I started taking Lions Mane recently. My poopy pants problem went away and my balance problem is better.

    I’m 85.

    • jessica says:

      Good for you for taking our health into your own hands and finding relief! I am just starting the lions mane myself for injury with whiplash. Everyone needs to look into Medicinal mushrooms!

  2. Brandy says:

    Hello, I have been wanting to try the Lion’s Mane Mushroom to help me with MS, however
    being that I have clips in my brain due to Aneurysms that were diagnosed 14 years ago I don’t know if I should.
    I really want to get this supplement but I don’t dare.
    Does anyone knows anyone with similar issues like mine with Aneurysms in their brain and taking Lion’s Mane with no negative side effects?
    I really appriciate a respond to this matter.

    Thank you!

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