CBD Oil Pain Relief Cream

CBD Oil – Magic Pain Relief Cream?

As of late there have been many news reports about CBD oil and Cannabinoids in the area of pain relief and nerve health support. The advances in medical research has shown that CBD oil and other CBD products are working for people that are in constant pain like myself.

CTFO CBD Oil Pain CreamClick on picture to super size so you can read it. It’s BIG!

My Story On PainCBD OIL CTFO

My name is Bill and I am in constant pain due to degenerative disk disease. I placed my first order for CBD oil and other CBD infused rub on creams that say they may relieve pain. I do know people that are using these products and they are having great success at relieving their pain and other health issues.

I have personally ordered these products to use on myself from a company called CTFO. I have

CTFO CBD Oil Products


degenerative disk disease and all the complications that go along with it. Great pain in my neck and lower back, numbness and tingling in different areas of my body, itching that won’t go away and scratching does no good. Unable to walk more then 100 yards before my lower back hurts so much that I got to sit or lay down. I have been taking morphine and oxy for the last 15 years and now maxed out. My pain management doctor just ok’ed me to take these CBD oil products on May 10, 2018.

Ordered My 1st CBD Oil Products From CTFO

Pain Relief Cream
They are ordered and I will let all know the results here on this site. Deep Healing Pain CreamNot only did I order these products but I joined the company so I could get a 20% discount. The products are of high quality but the prices do not reflect that. With the discount they are priced at the lower end of the competition. The company I get my products from is CTFO. Hopefully I get some other people to order their products so I can get feedback.

The Deep Healing Pain Cream pictured above is a rub on cream. It comes 1 and 2 oz containers. I suggest you get the 2 oz size because for just a few more dollars you get twice as much.


CBD Oil 300 to 1500mg

The next product is the pure CBD oil in 1 oz bottles. There are 4 streights you can order. 300mg, 500mg, 750mg and 1500mg. Prices start at $49.97 and go up to $99.97. The 1500mg is the one that is the best deal because it is 5 times as strong but only twice the price of the 300mg 1 oz bottle. I’m quoting the wholesale because that is what most people order and pay for when they join the company. It’s free to join CTFO plus they give you your own replicated website to order from.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The company has a 60 day money back guarantee. They want you to use the product completely up and see how it does for you. If you are not satisfied just return the empty jar or bottle and get a complete refund of your money minus shipping cost. To go a step further, I will pay your shipping charges or $6 if you do return the product or products. This gives you no reason not to at least try these CBD oil products.


Medical Disclaimer For CBD’s & This Site

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