Nerve Health Support

There are over a hundred million Americans who suffer from chronic pain and in need of nerve health support. This pain costs about $600 billion each year and going up. This amount accounts for productivity loss as well as medical treatments. There are various factors that may bring about chronic pain and the most apparent is nerve damage due to several different health conditions. While there are various treatments and medications offered to treat chronic pain, most of them only address the pain on the surface but real treatment can come from products that treat nerve health support from within the body.

Can CBD Be The Answer To Pain?

CTFO CBD Oil ProductsA recent study was conducted using CBD oil and it showed how CBD may inhibit inflammatory and neuropathic pain. These are the two most common hard to treat types of chronic pain. More studies are needed to learn more on how Cannabidiol (CBD) actually works. Visit the site CTFO CBD to learn what others are saying about this new type of treatment.

Nerve Damage And Pain

Other causes of nerve damage include trauma and injuries. It can also come about as a side effect of certain medications. People with metabolic problems may also suffer from this condition. A specific kind of nerve damage called nephropathy affects diabetic individuals and 7 to 10 percent of the general population.

In order to alleviate pain, patients may be administered with medications. The problem is there are no medications as of yet that heal these damaged nerves that cause chronic pain. And they do not really address the nerve damage problems. They can only help relieve pain temporarily so those in pain can carry on with their daily activities without any problem.

While nerve healing is a complex process, this does not mean that nerves cannot be restored back to health. They can actually heal but only under the right circumstances. In addition, nerves heal much slower as compared to other body tissues. Stimulation is necessary for this to happen.

New medical advances have given many people renewed hope that someday they may benefit from the advances in nerve health support.

Products That Offer Nerve Health Support?

Nerve Health Support And Using Emu Oil and CBD Oil Cream

Nerve Health Support

Are there really products designed and formulated to address the root cause of chronic pain and nerve damage? Do they relieve pain like painkillers do? This type of supplement is supposed to do more than what antidepressants do for people with neuropathy. Some are formulated with an effective combination of herbs, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and now full spectrum CBD oil. An effective formulation stimulates Nerve Growth Factor or NGF, a protein that is naturally produced by the body and is responsible for nerve health.

The Body Produces NGF

Products calling themselves nerve health support products encourages the body to produce NGF. In which case, supplements can aid in the regeneration of damaged nerves. In addition, they can also take some of the pain relief and discomfort which are commonly associated with a damaged nerve including tingling and burning sensations. The best part about these products is that many are natural supplements and said to be safe. A product that is absolutely effective yet does not cause the side effects that medications and operations may have on a persons body, can this be true? More information about nerve health support products coming in the future.

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